Talk to Your Children about Their Classes Every DayTalk to Your Children about Their Classes Every Day

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Talk to Your Children about Their Classes Every Day

I have three children, and like most working parents, I am busy from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. When my son recently brought home a report card with a grade lower than he usually gets, I was shocked. However, I wasn't angry at him, but instead angry at myself -- I had been so busy that I hadn't been having frequent discussions with my children about how they were performing in each and every class. I always asked them how their days went, but this made me realize that I had to spend more time each day discussing their classes with them. I know there are other busy parents out there, so I decided to make a blog to share my tips for helping children get the most out of their K-12 educations when you are a busy parent.



5 Reasons Public Education Can Be a Great Choice for Your Child

As your child begins to approach school age, you will need to decide where they will go to get an education. Some parents look through a mix of school options, including public, private, and charter schools to determine the best fit for their kid. If you're unsure, you may be exploring options, too. You may want to consider public school due to its many benefits. Here are some of the top reasons why public education may be a great choice for your child. Read More 

How Young Can A Child Be To Start SAT Prep Courses?

As competition increases at the country's best colleges and universities, parents and students alike are searching for new ways to get noticed during the admissions process. A high SAT score comes from plenty of study, but that doesn't mean your 10-year-old should enroll immediately in a weekend prep course. Find out when most students begin studying, what most experts recommend as the youngest age for concentrated study, and how to integrate SAT prep into lifelong learning from any age. Read More 

Three Reasons Why A Preschool Education Can Shape Your Child’s Future As An Adult

The lifelong progression, which shapes you into an adult, starts as soon as you are born. These early years of development mold your character and cultivate your personality. The toddler ages, 2 through 5 years old, are commonly referred to as the formative years and for good reason. This is the period of human mental growth, which has a profound effect on shaping you as an adult. Children at this age are extremely impressionable, so their thirst to learn is profound. Read More 

Tips For Selecting A Private School For Your Child

Enrolling your child in a school that can provide a rigorous and balanced education is one of the most important things that you can do to help give your child a bright future. However, the process of choosing a private school for your child can be a complex and delicate decision. Fortunately, you may find that you are better able to evaluate potential schools for your child by using some basic tips. Read More 

Some Important Benefits That A Private High School Can Provide Your Child

The quality of education that a person receives can be a major factor in the opportunities that they will have as an adult. Unfortunately, there are some parents that may assume that college is the only type of education that is really important for one's career. Yet, high school can play a formative role in a child's development, and private high schools can offer a number of advantages. Access To Many After-School Programs And Activities Read More